What Are The Signs Of Teen Anxiety?

05/08/2021 00:00

What are the signs of anxiety in teens? What causes this awkward and sometimes shameful condition in teenagers? Well, let us find out the answer to this question in this blog post. So, without wasting any time, let us get started:

What Is Teen Anxiety?

Teens go through adolescence full of intense emotions such as excitement, anticipation, conflict, and insecurity. At some point they may be overwhelmed by these feelings and experience which is called teen anxiety and is characterized by the feelings of fear, apprehension, or worry. Teens can even feel as though they are going crazy. They may even feel like they are going out of their mind.

What Causes Teen Anxiety?

The cause of anxiety in teens can be attributed to a multitude of factors. First, it may stem from the fact that some teens have trouble accepting criticism or ridicule. Others are shy and may have difficulty conversing in social situations. Then, some teens may be hyperactive, restless, or overexcited. Not only do these traits make it difficult to relax, but they can also be very distracting and may cause a teenager to miss out on necessary sleep.

What Are The Signs Of Anxiety In Teens?

One obvious sign is that a teen has a hard time sleeping. In general, teens need eight hours of sleep per night, but teenagers who exhibit anxiety are prone to oversleeping or falling asleep for less than six hours. They may be fatigued and unable to concentrate during the day. Insomnia is the most common complaint associated with excessive anxiety.

Other signs of anxiety in teens include constant negative moods and depression. Teens who are constantly sad, depressed, and agitated are often displaying signs of anxiety disorder. Some of the other signs of anxiety in teens include trembling, sweating, intense fear, headaches, stomachaches, diarrhea, blurred vision, and dizziness. Truth to be told, there are too numerous signs of teen anxiety to mention in this blog post. However, but if you or someone you love exhibits the signs of anxiety disorder, you need to seek help from a psychiatrist in Bhopal.

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